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Sistemi aeroponici

Aeroponics is, in fact, a subset of hydroponic growing. As a result, the philosophy and design of the systems are similar, but not quite the same. The most significant difference is that in this kind of growing, the plants are never submerged or placed into the water. Instead, the nutrient-rich water in the reservoir is sprayed directly onto the roots three to four times per hour, using an automated system of mist nozzles.

First developed by NASA for growing greens in the International Space Station, this growing system is perfect for limited spaces. Flexibility is not the only benefit though: Growing aeroponically is more sustainable and efficient, using minimal energy resources.

Other advantages of hydroponic grows include:

  • Easier plant management due to the lack of transplant shock
  • Up to 98% less water usage
  • No need for pesticides and fertilizers
  • Aeroponically grown plants absorb more macro- and micronutrients, growing equally nutritious fruits and herbs

Indoor gardeners who are short on space and want the most bang for their buck should consider an aeroponic grow system. It is a bit more complex to set up at first but will reward you with quick and plentiful yields in the future. Also, aeroponic systems are perfect for gardeners who like to cut clones of their plants, due to the rapid growth rate.