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Sistemi di coltura idroponica

Hydroponic growing is the best-known method for soil-less cultivation. The basic premise is simple: The plants are suspended in trays or pots filled with an inert growing medium (such as coco coir, rockwool, pellets or gravel). Ideally, this material should strike a perfect balance between water retention and water flow. The roots are partially outside the tray and submerged in a container filled with aerated water (reservoir), in which you add the nutrients. Depending on the growing method you will follow, the reservoir is either flooded and drained frequently, or supplies the roots with nutrients slowly during the whole day.

The benefits of hydroponic systems compared to soil growing are:

  • Greatly increased efficiency
  • Better nutrient absorption rates
  • More plentiful yields
  • Plants grow much quicker
As the plants spend less time “searching” for food (nutrients), the roots stay short, and all focus is put on growing the upper part. Experts say that hydroponic plants can grow twice as fast and four times as dense compared to soil gardens. Even in confined spaces, you can get a pretty respectable yield of home-grown veggies, fruits or herbs!