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OPTIC8 + dimmerabile COB LED coltiva la luce 500W (UV/IR) 3500K pannocchie

optic led

  • €1.199,00

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Optic 8+

Optic 8+ 500 watt dimmable COB LED Grow Light. Optic LED has now seamlessly integrated eight of CREE's highest yielding COBs (XLAMP CXB3590) with industry leading glass optical lenses to give you unprecedented light penetration. The combination of these two technologies combined with proprietary blend of 3 watt Osram LEDs will give you significantly improved grams per watt yield and significant increases in bud density, coloring of your flowers and overall quality of trichomes. Growing with the Optic 8+ you can expect to yield up to 2.5 pounds per harvest which is an incredible 2.25 grams per watt. Optic 8+ produces 29% more light than our Optic 6 while using 20% less power and emitting substantially less heat.

HID equivalent: 1000 watt DE HPS

LEDs: CREE COBs & OSRAM Secondary Array

  • 8 x CREE CXB3590 COB LEDs
  • 6 x 3500k Daylight White COBs
  • 2 x 5000k Cool White COBs 
  • Each COB is 132w max & driven 50w continuous
  • 32 x 3-watt OSRAM ultra efficient leds with glass projection lenses

Cree True White TechnologyOsram

Optics: 90 degree Optical Projection Lens Directs light downwards, magnifies par and increases canopy penetration by up to 200%


Drivers: Meanwell (Industry Best)

Mean Well

Spectrum: Full-spectrum + infrared + Ultra Violet  

Spectrum on OPTIC 8+ @full power

 Spectrum on OPTIC 8+

Spectrum of "Bloom Enhancer" (50w Osram Array & Ultra Violet - No COBs)

Spectrum of



18" (45 cm) Hanging Height for 4' x 4' (120 x 120 cm) area

PAR: 1828 u/mols at center of footprint 

PPFD: 693.78

Par Data for 4' x 4' (120 x 120 cm) Coverage Footprint @18" (45 cm) 

Hanging Height

24" (60 cm) Hanging Height for 4' x 4' (120 x 120 cm) area

PAR: 1420 u/mols at center of footprint 

PPFD: 619.87

Par Data for 4' x 4' (120 x 120 cm) Coverage Footprint @24" (60 cm)

Coverage Footprint @24


Recommended Coverage area & hanging height:

  • Veg: 5' x 5' @30", 150 x 150 cm@ 76 cm
  • Flower: 4' x 4' @18"- 24", 120 x 120 cm45 - 60 cm
  • Max Flower Coverage 5' x 5',  150 x 150 cm (with 120 degree Lens Kit)

Recommended hanging height:

  • Veg: 24"-30", 44 - 60cm
  • Flower: 18" - 24", 45 - 60cm

Light Controls:

Dimmability: 3 Independent Dimmers

VEG: 4 COBS onlyControls two 5000k COBS & two 3500k COBs.

BLOOM: 4 COBs only, Controls four 3500k COBs.

BLOOM ENHANCER: 32 pcs 3w diodes, Controls UV & Osram secondary led array.


Switch#1: ON/OFF

Switch#2: Bloom Enhancer

Harvest: Up to 2.5 lbs

Grams Per watt yield: Up to 2.25

Thermal management: 9 x cooling fans, Aluminum heat-sinks

Dimensions: 26 3/4" x 26 1/4", 68 x 66 cm 

Weight: 34 Pounds, 15,4 kg

Operating/Input Voltage: 100-265VAC

Amperage: 5-1.9Amps

Product includes: 120v power cord, Ratchet straps, Heavy duty hanging hooks, Heavy duty hanging cables & LED Fixture. (120v-240v power cords available)(we automatically ship the correct power cord for your country)

Recommended for:

  • Grow tents(4x4) (5x5) (8x8) (10x10), (120x120 cm), (150x150 cm), (240x240 cm), (300x300cm)
  • Grow rooms (All Sizes)
  • Full-cycle growing from seedling to flower
  • Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 years