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Gorilla Grow Tent Original

Gorilla Grow Tents are more light proof, more durable, quieter, stronger, safer and create the most desirable growing environment possible for your plants, and the GGT Original is the pioneering trailblazer of the Gorilla revolution. Their frames are 2x-5x stronger than any other grow tent, and their fabric is 3-9x denser. The Original is also the first to include an adjustable height extension, so you don’t have to be concerned that your harvest will outgrow your lights and indoor space. It makes it easier to safely maneuver around your lights while tending to your crops. Don’t pay the price with a bruised head and a smaller yield, get GGT Original for your field.

The GGT Original also utilizes the unique Gorilla “diamond” reflective walls which provide some advantages to maximize your set up. The Original Grow Tents revolutionized the industry as the tallest, thickest, strongest grow tents ever created, giving you the best controlled indoor hydroponic or soil growing environment. So you can grow strong, regardless of your grow room location. The Original redefined what it means to grow in a tent and has transformed indoor growing environments. Issues you have experienced with other tents, like stability and versatility, will vanish with a GGT Original!