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Secret Jardin

Specializing in indoor culture and hydroponics, Secret Jardin Grow Tents are a great choice for beginners and professionals alike. If you want the best harvest possible, you need to fit your grow tent with the equipment necessary for your method. Secret Jardin provides options for lighting, ventilation, and accessories and prides themselves on constant innovation. Their tents are designed, developed, and manufactured by a team of experts passionate about indoor culture and their grow tents are certified by international organizations. This guarantees you the grower the highest quality of manufacturing, production and lifespan.

Their products are broken into categories of hobby, expert, professional or propagation, and whether farmer or grower, you can find what suits you within their range.

Their selection of grow tents include the Hydro Shoot, The Greenhouse, The Propagator, The Dark Street, The Dark Room and The Intense, among other models they offer. Whether you are focused on cutting, seedlings and mother plants, or dedicated to intensive crops cultivation, there is a model that fits your needs. The tents are easy and quick to assemble, made of strong steel structures and other materials, and with the most durable fabric available, Secret Jardin Grow Tents offer you access to great value and great yield.

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