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Spectrum King LED Grow Lights

Spectrum King is one of the best-known brands in the indoor LED grow light world. They were among the first companies to offer full-spectrum solutions, consistently hitting ranges from 380-779nm, ranging from UV to IR lighting. LED grow lights by Spectrum King are designed to mimic natural sunlight, offering high PAR values and light penetration, suitable for any kind of indoor cultivation.

The LED chips used on Spectrum King products are supplied by CREE LED, one of the biggest manufacturers and marketer of lighting-class LEDs (and inventors of the white LED). The company has invested a lot in research and development and have even licensed their customized spectrum for sale to other grow light manufacturers.

The product range covers a wide array of growing needs, with models starting from 100W all the way to massive 1000W HID replacements. Of course, as is the case with all LED grow lights, these claims should be taken with a grain of salt, since the actual power output is always a little lower than advertized. Nevertheless, the PAR ratings on all Spectrum King units have been consistently impressive, offering more light intensity, using a fraction of the power that an HID would have needed.

Spectrum King LED grow lights are waterproof, which is a welcome addition to any indoor growing environment. The company offers specialized units for vegetation and blooming, as well as complete full-spectrum LED panels for complete grow cycles. Overall, a reliable choice for the ambitious beginner or the slightly advanced grower who wants to take things one step further!

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